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Learn Clever Excel Tricks Anyone can learn the basics of Excel and get the job done, but if you really want to power ahead, try some of these clever Excel tricks. If you use Excel a lot, just one of these lessons could end up taking hours off your week, leaving you with more time to get other stuff done.Finding appropriate Microsoft Excel lesson plans for middle school students isn’t easy. You need lessons that are made for the right age group, engaging, and meet your course standards – not to mention help you prep students for the MOS Excel certification!. While you could create your own lessons from scratch, that takes a lot of time (especially if you aren’t a spreadsheet whiz) and.Introduced in Excel 2007, Excel Tables are an incredibly powerful way to handle a bunch of related data. Just select any cell with in the data and press CTRL+T and then Enter. And bingo, your data looks slick in no time. Learn more about excel tables.find training courses for Excel. Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents.

This video,, can also be seen at Fun Stuff with Excel. Hot Key Excellence – Provides a fun way to learn keyboard shortcuts and other Excel tricks. 2048 game in Excel – A fun game by; Sudoku Puzzles: Free printable grids for the avid puzzler. easter eggs – – A list of easter eggs for various versions of Excel.In this tutorial, learn how to enter and format data in excel. Specifically, you will learn about Using fonts, Using colors, Applying Cell Borders, Aligning Text, wrapping text, ALT+Enter to get a line break in a cell,Using shapes, clip art in workbooks, Applying cell formats – $, 0,00, Dates, Times etc. and Clearing formatsattendance tracking excel Spreadsheet Project idea It is quite interesting and simple project idea. You can create your own Attendance Taking Spreadsheet Project by yourself. If your professor is using traditional way for taking attendance, You can create a simple attendance taking app in excel spreadsheet.10 Most Useful microsoft excel tips. Marc Zao-Sanders Dec 01, 2017.. At 4 hours to get to proficiency, you may be put off learning PivotTables, but don’t be. Use them to sort, count, total or average data stored in one large spreadsheet and display them in a n1ew table, cut however you want..